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Communication Group

Chien, Ying-Ren >

Chien, Ying-Ren
Job Title: Professor & Chairman
Research Expertise: Adaptive Signal Processing, Digtal Signal Processing and IoT
E-mail: yrchien@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 ext. 7375/7396


Li, Chih-Wen >

李志文 Li, Chih-Wen
Job Title: Professor
Research Expertise: Electronics, Image Recognition, Fuzzy System, E-learning and Science Education.
E-mail: cwli@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 ext. 7411


Liu, Maw-Yang >

Liu, Maw-Yang
Job Title: Professor
Research Expertise: Optical Communication, Spread Spectrum Communication, Error Correction Code
E-mail: myliu@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 ext. 7388


Chen, Dar-Der >

Chen, Dar-Der
Job Title: Associate Professor
Research Expertise: Wavelet Transform, Image Processing, Neural Network
E-mail: ddchen@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 ext. 7391


Tseng, Chih-Cheng >

Tseng, Chih-Cheng
Job Title: Professor
Research Expertise: Wireless Communications and Mobile Networks
E-mail: tsengcc@niu.edu.tw
Office Tel.: +886-3-9357400 ext. 7387