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The most popular department of math and science concentration - Dept. of Electrical Engineering. For example,the science about electric, The course of Electronics Circuitry electromagnetism. extends to electroniccommunicationphotoelectricelectricitynetworkcomputerElectromechanical control and Multimedia Information. People can have the both of theory and practice , can also choose to specialize in theory , or choose to specialize in practice .

The Features of Dept. of Electrical Engineering , undergraduate value General Education and profession . In the profession field , we direct student’s interest and industry demand trend , provide the course of Power conversioncontrol and computer , establish the profession foundation of Electrical Engineering . To primary level , Dept. of Electrical Engineering put a high value on Electricity theory and Engineering Technology . To senior grades , Dept. of Electrical Engineering major in integrate energy conversion Control Theory and Signal processing , minor in the Implemented technology of Chip application and Computer interface .

We hope after four years learning , In addition to have the knowledge of electricitycontrol and computer foundation , can have the pragmatic ability to immediately Invest in Related products.

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