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We cultivate the Electrical professional talent of study hard and dedication and pay equal attention to theory and practice  for purpose. Power Electronics、Control Engineering and Communication as a focus. Power conversion、motor driven and Power monitoring,Smart control、Automation Engineering and Embedded robot,Wireless communication、Optical fiber communication and Digital communication as featured project. Based on gradually progress of software and hardware facilities and plenty of teaching place. Shape the feature of efficient  Electrical、wise  Control、steady  Communication step by step.


We  have  a long history. We have strong teachers and modern equipment. We get  engineering education and technology education  certification from IEET in 99、102 school years. We get gold medal of PVQC in 2013 . We VIP special subject get third place in the country. Continued to open the subjects of “service learning” and “full English”, and linking closely to the Industry-University Mechanism with Yilan Science Park, promoting a lot of elite project,  ex: Teaching excellence、VIP special subject、Credit course、Industry internship and Employment program, cultivate higher motor professional for paying  equal attention to theory and practice. Establish foundation for industrial development of eastern Taiwan.


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