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About EE

The most popular department of math and science concentration - Dept. of Electrical Engineering. For example,the science about electric, The course of Electronics 、Circuitry 、electromagnetism. extends to electronic、communication、photoelectric、electricity、network、computer、Electromechanical control and Multimedia Information. People can have the both of theory and practice , can also choose to specialize in theory , or choose to specialize in practice .


The Features of Dept. of Electrical Engineering , undergraduate value General Education and profession . In the profession field , we direct student’s interest and industry demand trend , provide the course of Power conversion、control and computer , establish the profession foundation of Electrical Engineering . To primary level , Dept. of Electrical Engineering put a high value on Electricity theory and Engineering Technology . To senior grades , Dept. of Electrical Engineering major in integrate energy conversion 、Control Theory and Signal processing , minor in the Implemented technology of Chip application and Computer interface .


We hope after four years learning , In addition to have the knowledge of electricity、control and computer foundation , can have the pragmatic ability to immediately Invest in Related products.


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Cheng Yi-Wen

Graduated from the Master's Program in Electrical Engineering at National Ilan University in 2023.

Interview with the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Ilan University: My Cross-Domain Challenge at Ilan's Electrical Engineering Department.
Professor Chien Ying-Ren, the head of the Electrical Engineering Department at Ilan University, interviewed graduate student Cheng Yi-Wen to share her experience and gains from cross-disciplinary studies.


Yen Ming-Hung

Studied in the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Ilan University and graduated in 2020.

Graduated from Nankan Senior High School, Taoyuan City in 2016, applied to enter the Electrical Engineering Department at Ilan University. Unlike many high school students, since elementary school, I had already set my sights on pursuing the path of electrical engineering because I had been exposed to LEGO robotics. Until now, I still take pride in being part of the electrical engineering department. During my university years, apart from academics, I also joined the departmental student association and served as the president for one term. I plan to continue my education and aspire to work in related fields in the future.